Weaver Meat Processing

Weaver Meat Processing is a family-owned business based in Hartselle, Alabama. We pride ourselves in great customer service, quality meat processing techniques and treating people the way we would want to be treated.

Since our founding in 1997, we routinely have customers that bring us meat to process for them, from as far away as Mobile, Alabama to Nashville, Tennessee. We process all kinds of meats including beef, pork, venison, elk, sheep, goat, and emu to name a few. If you have meat that you want to be professionally processed with care, give us a call.

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My knife is my paintbrush. My table is my easel. I treat every piece of meat like an artist treats his paintings. WITH LOVE.” I am called a meat artist.” Stanley Weaver - Weaver Meat Processing Head Butcher


Weaver Meat Processing


We take pride in cutting the most exquisite items from beef. Let us cut the perfect Ribeye Steak or Pot Roast for you and your family.


From our succulent Smoked Bacon to our savory southern style Breakfast Sausage, we take pride in every item we make with pork.


From the best-selling Summer Sausage, to the kid's favorite, Hot Dogs with Cheese, it's apparent that we love processing your deer.

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Weaver Meat Processing Vision

Since our humble beginnings in 1997, Weaver Meat Processing has always put you and your family at the forefront of our work. Our vision is to provide you with our exceptional meat cutting abilities so that your eating experience is second to none. It is with joy that we serve our local communities and do our part in feeding local communities.


A few words from our clients

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Why Choose Weaver?

Thank you for considering Weaver Meat Processing your go to source for Quality meat processing! We abide by the USDA stringent guidelines for cleanliness of our facility. We take great pride in ensuring the beef & pork that you bring in is exactly what you get back. Our temperature control measures ensure that you and your family are receiving the safest food possible.

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Frequently asked Questions

Do I get my own meat back?

WMP takes great pride in the stringent protocols we have in place to ensure that the meat you bring in is the meat you get back. The only exception to this is venison sausages. We batch process venison sausage. Custom venison sausage available upon request.

Can I buy individual packages of meat?

We do not sell individual packages of meat. Currently, WMP is only a custom processing butcher shop. If you have livestock or buy livestock from a farmer, we can process it to your specifications.

Can WMP order a beef or hog on my behalf from a local farmer?

We have partnered with several local farmers allowing us to get high quality beef and hogs for you to purchase. The minimum order for beef is ½ of a beef. The minimum order for a hog is 1 whole hog. We regularly have customers partner with their friends on a ½ of a beef or 1 whole hog so that they don’t have to store.