Letter of Price Increases

Dear Customers of Weaver Meat Processing,

In response to unprecedented rises in cost of doing business (cost of goods sold, utilities, employee wages, etc.) that Weaver Meat Processing is experiencing, we are being forced to increase our processing prices. We will be increasing the prices for beef processing by 14%. The price increase for hog processing will be slightly less than 14%

The base processing prices for Spring of 2022 were as follows:

  • $.78 per pound plus $40 kill fee (for beef)
  • $.78 per pound plus $35 kill fee (for hogs)

Effective August 1st 2022 the processing rates will be as follows:

  • $.88 per pound plus $50 kill fee (for beef)
  • $.88 per pound plus $35 kill fee (for hogs)

Weaver Meat Processing is committed to continuing to process beef, pork, and venison to the highest standards of quality possible. We are thankful for every one of our customers and we hope to continue to serve you!

Best Regards,

Titus Weaver | General Manager

Weaver Meat Processing

Our family has been passionately involved in the custom meat processing business since 1992. Eli Weaver founded Weaver Deer Processing located in Dallas County, Alabama in the fall of 1992. In 2002, Weaver Deer Processing expanded operations to include custom processing of beef and hogs.

In 1997, Leonard Weaver carried on his father’s legacy when he moved to North Alabama and built an all comprehensive butcher shop called Weaver Meat Processing to process animals from start to finish. Deer processing production quickly rose to over 2000 deer per year.

Our facility has the ability to make value added fresh products and smoked products all in house. We have since built several additions to our facility as our loyal customer base has grown over the years. Our deer processing production has grown to the point where we process 3000+ deer per season. We also do custom processing of beef and hogs in the spring and fall of each year.