Ordering a share of animal explained

Buying a share of a beef or hog is a unique way that allows you to buy your meat with confidence. While also knowing that you are feeding your family the highest quality meats at affordable pricing.

What exactly is a share of an animal? An animal share is an equally divided portion of a beef or pork. For example: you can order a ½ of a beef (share of that beef) or ½ of a hog (share of that hog).

Ordering a share is a straightforward process that involves 3 people: yourself, your local farmer, and the meat processor. Typically, your local farmer delivers the animal to the processor. Then, the processor prepares the animal according to your specifications. After the animal has been prepared, you drive to the processor and pick up your finished product. Typically, all meat is frozen before you pick it up.

Many times, a share of an animal is more meat than one person or a small family can handle because of finances or space limitations. So often what happens is the “Jane Doe” will ask her friends if they want to collaborate with her on a share. This allows “Jane Doe’s” friends to get in on the purchase and each party will receive a smaller amount of meat.

Weaver Meat Processing has a unique system in that we have partnered with local farmers to provide beef and hogs for our clients that request a share. You can order as little as a ½ of a beef or 1 whole hog.

There is a four-step process in ordering a share of an animal from Weaver Meat Processing.
Step #1. Contact Weaver Meat Processing requesting information about the share program or to place your order.
Step #2. Weaver Meat Processing will collaborate with local farmers to bring in a high-quality animal for you to be processed.
Step #3. We will communicate with you on what cuts of meat you are wanting.
Step #4. You drive to our facility to pick up your freezer ready meat.

We would love to provide you with a high-quality share of an animal. Please call or email us for more details.

Weaver Meat Processing

Our family has been passionately involved in the custom meat processing business since 1992. Eli Weaver founded Weaver Deer Processing located in Dallas County, Alabama in the fall of 1992. In 2002, Weaver Deer Processing expanded operations to include custom processing of beef and hogs.

In 1997, Leonard Weaver carried on his father’s legacy when he moved to North Alabama and built an all comprehensive butcher shop called Weaver Meat Processing to process animals from start to finish. Deer processing production quickly rose to over 2000 deer per year.

Our facility has the ability to make value added fresh products and smoked products all in house. We have since built several additions to our facility as our loyal customer base has grown over the years. Our deer processing production has grown to the point where we process 3000+ deer per season. We also do custom processing of beef and hogs in the spring and fall of each year.